November 30, 2021

Cairns Recruitment Expert Top 5 Tips to Securing Talent in a Skills Short Market

It’s the end of 2021. It’s been a long and interesting year for many businesses. Ask any hiring manager or internal recruiter and they will probably all say how difficult it is to hire quality, skilled staff at the moment, especially across sectors including IT, Accounting and Legal. As many organisations have ramped up their online efforts as a result of the pandemic, the demand for specialist skills in certain fields has grown immensely. If you’re an employer looking to recruit across  IT, Accounting or Legal or any area specialisation really, there are a few things you can do to get the talent that your team and business needs.

Here are Superior Recruitment’s Director & Recruitment Experts, top 5 tips to overcoming challenges recruiting in a skills and talent short market:

  1. Be Decisive

Found a great candidate? Try to avoid putting them through an extensive interview process. Multiple rounds of interviews, meetings and testing is not only time consuming, but potentially a real deterrent.

Show candidates that you’re an agile organisation by acting now and securing your hire. If you’re not confident after your first couple of rounds, perhaps you should review what questions you’re asking and figure out how you can get all the information required to make a hiring decision during this time. Are you asking the right questions you need to understand your candidate? Superior Recruitment offers Recruitment advice on Interview Questions, so if this is where your recruitment is coming undone, speak to our Recruitment Expert.

After identifying a candidate that fits with your organisation’s culture, with the relevant skills and experience, take the initiative to act. There’s no need to spend time meeting additional candidates, as every day you wait is another day they could be interviewing and applying elsewhere.

Tip # 1: Multiple interview rounds and testing is not only time consuming, but a potential deterrent

  1. Embrace Hybrid Teams

If you typically hire locally, consider broadening your search to candidates located regionally or interstate and offering remote working opportunities if it’s a possibility. Organisations that aren’t offering flexibility are missing out on great talent. If you’re happy to hire someone that lives in the same city and you only deal with remotely, would it really make a difference if they were based in another state?

Tip #2: Organisations willing to look outside of tradition skill sets and candidates access a much larger pool of talent from which to hire, which can be immensely beneficial to your organisation.


  1. Upskill Existing Talent

Why look outside of the organisation if your current team can cover the role?

While not always possible depending on circumstances, it could be that the internal talent you’ve already got has the potential to upskill. If they’re interested in learning new skills, why not?

When compared to a drawn-out and expensive recruitment process, a few weeks in a training course can provide the same solution, if not better. They’re already knowledgeable about your business and its internal processes, while you have an idea of their productivity and culture fit.

Showing your employees that you are adaptable, and providing new challenges to existing staff, will help them to feel satisfied at the organisation.

“It’s not always necessary to look outside when you can add value to those interested internally… I am a strong believer in opening as much opportunity to existing teammates before looking to expand externally.”

Tip # 3: Additional training will massively benefit your team members and the wider organisation

  1. Identify Partnerships

Whether it’s managed services, consultancies, outsourced admin, project management or recruitment, now is a great time to consider how hybrid models can plug the gaps in your business.

Partnering with a Specialist Recruitment agency such as Superior Recruitment can assist with those hard to find, niche skill sets.

Tip# 4: If you’re looking to recruit a specialist skill set within your business or team, we’ll find you the candidates that’s you’re looking for but can’t find!

  1. Get Creative

In this market, it’s almost a certainty that you have candidates being counter offered. It’s important that think about your organisations remuneration and retention strategies.

How are you looking after your people?

Are you making sure they’re happy and offering flexibility?

Looking at how you connect with the external market and internal employees is one way to improve both retention and recruitment prospects.

If you’re feeling the challenge of hiring staff, we’re here to help! An experienced and well-connected recruiter can give you access to a larger talent pool, and find the candidates you need, whilst saving you precious time. At Superior Recruitment we really understand the complexities and challenges involved in finding top talent and are able to source quality talent at an affordable price, yet high quality driven service.

With Superior Recruitment your search for a quality staff becomes that much easier. Quality staff are just a phone call away!

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