FAQs & Resume Writing Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a range of Frequently Asked Questions including: Our Candidate Registration Process, Our Job Application Process, and Our Resume Writing Service. If you still cannot find your answer please call us. We’d love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about our services and help you solve your job search or staff hire challenges!

As an experienced Recruitment Consultant with over 12 years experience, I am here to help you find a new job, change careers or align you with the right employer. I believe that what  truly differentiates us within Cairns and FNQ Employment sector are the following:  

  • In-depth understanding of the  employment market and industries that we work in, namely the commercial and private business sectors across Management, Accounting, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Legal, HR & IT.
  • Through our close-knit relationships with business leaders and skilled job seekers, we develop in-depth knowledge of  candidate expectations and act as a resource to our Candidates and Clients.
  • Because of our expertise and market knowledge, we work closely with Clients to develop job briefs, advertising strategies, right through to onboarding new employees. 
  • Our Recruitment Specialist has a wide and varied business network and is an active member of a number of different business networking  groups in Cairns and Australia wide to offer services, advice and ensure up to date knowledge across a range of sectors we recruit in. Check out our Networking Photo Gallery to see what we have been up to. 
  • What makes our Consultant different and successful in her recruitment career to date, is Christine’s high emotional intelligence and ability to develop insights into personality traits and align these with the right organisation culture. It’s the subtle and often unspoken things that she notices that makes a big difference to how she sources, screens and conducts the overall recruitment and consultation process.
  • Above all, you will always find a very passionate, empathetic, friendly Recruiter that strives for excellence with every job assignment and Clients she undertakes.
  • If you’re looking to register your Resume with Superior Recruitment so that you will be considered for future positions, send your resume through the  ‘Candidate Registration’ link below.
  • Registering your Resume with Superior Recruitment can increase your chances of being matched with a suitable future role. We use sophisticated recruitment software that allows us to carefully match your skills and experience to roles you are suitable for. The human element side of recruitment is also a big part of what we do, and we are  mindful of maintaining it throughout our recruitment  processes. 
  • When an appropriate or suitable job opportunity arises, a candidate interview takes place with our Recruitment Specialist either face to face if you are located in Cairns, otherwise via ZOOM or phone.
  • Once we truly understand your skills, experience and unique personality drivers, you will then either be shortlisted for a specific role, or go onto our Candidate Hotlist for your specific role type and industry sector – so we can easily find you when a new, suitable job becomes available!
  • Please note any closing dates specified on the job AD you have applied to. For some positions, communication regarding the status of your applications may be delayed due to a long closing date or client specifications.
  • If you have Registered as Superior Recruitment Candidate or applied directly to an advertised job, each Application is individually reviewed by our Recruitment Specialist and the status of your Application will be advised via email in the first instance.
  • If your Application does not progress to the Shortlist stage, your details will confidentially remain on our Database for future job matching.
  • Whilst your resume will remain on our database, please continue to apply to new Jobs that you are interested in and suitable for.
  • If your application has moved to our Shortlist stage, you will receive further emails/follow up calls for the purposes of arranging a pre-screen assessment via face to face interview, phone or ZOOM (depending on your location).
  • If your circumstances change after you submit an Application or send us your resume, or even if you are an existing Registered Candidate, please email Superior Recruitment to advise of any changes to: Admin@superiorrecruitment.com.au. This ensures we maintain updated details on our database.
  • Are  you are looking to upgrade your career, re-enter the workforce, change jobs, start off in a whole new direction in your professional life? You will need a  high quality resume that clearly and effectively outlines your credentials  prospective employers.

What Professional Resume Writing Can Achieve?

  • A well written and formatted resume can more easily showcase your skills, achievements and career path in a particular field or areas of your resume.
  • Resume writing can help consolidate your skills and experience or shorten a lengthy CV to better target your desired job market and grab the attention of hiring managers, recruiters and potential employers.
  • The real function of a resume is to impress employers so that they’ll bring you in for a job interview.
  • Our Resume Writing Service is by an experienced Recruitment Consultant with copywriting skills.
  • Professionally worded resume utilising correct grammar & appropriate keywords for your chosen profession and industry.
  • Consultation with you via Zoom or face to face, to understand your specific career goals and aspirations, aiming to produce an improved, targeted resume.
  • Modern, simple  formats and designs with targeted content to transform your resume and grab the attention of your target audience for the right reasons!

*Please note: The Resume Writing Service is not part of our candidate registration or candidate job seeking service and incurs a fee. For further information please call or email us at: Resumes@superiorrecruitment.com.au

  • Our experienced Recruitment Specialist will always give you the relevant information you need to help you prepare for an upcoming interview for a Job sourced through Superior Recruitment.
  • When you register and have a candidate interview with us,  your interview comfort level is discussed so we are aware of any specific assistance you may need regarding upcoming interviews. 
  • Our Free Resources Section also contains practical interview tips, advice, and guides to cover face to face, phone or video style interviews.
  • We have also produced an Interview Guide exclusively for our  Candidates and is personally emailed to you when we arrange a Client interview for you. 
  • If you are still feeling anxious please ‘Book a Phone Consult’ through the link below to receive personalised interview coaching session. We can work with you to increase  interview technique and confidence.