January 29, 2021


100 Descriptive Words To help you Cover Key Skills in your Resume

Updating your resume or the task of writing a completely new resume can be very time consuming, not to mention to extremely hard to articulate exactly what skills you possess.

Depending on your skill level, Industry and work experience, only some of the 7 sections may be relevant to you at the moment.Choose what suits your experience and incorporate some of these words into your resume to make your skills, experience and resume stand out by effectively communicating your key skills!

Below are 7 common Skill Sections.
Resume skills Categories: Soft Skills and Job Specific skills

Your resume should address both your soft skills and job specific skills so a recruiter or potential employer can assess your suitability for a job you are interested in or applied to.

Here are100 transferable skills, divided into 7 sections:

Social skills
The primary soft skill is when you want to further describe written and verbal communication. Other qualities to describe your soft skills on a social level could include teamwork skills:

Teamwork skills

Being organised is all about ensuring that you complete all of your work on time. The skills that can help you achieve this are as follows:
Time management

Problem-solving skills

Personal Skills: These are qualities that define you as an employer and team member.

Leadership skills: Some of the necessary skills if a person wants to become a successful manager or leader include:

Miscellaneous skills: These skills don’t necessarily fit into a particular category but are sought after by many different employers.

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