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Benefits engaging with an experienced Recruiter that understands the local job markets in Gold Coast & Cairns

Is your Queensland based business  struggling to find suitable staff?  Australia wide businesses are experiencing a skills shortage. I hear of many businesses with urgent vacancies and specialist positions. The common theme I hear, is job ads are not producing the volume of applicants they  used to; and the calibre of candidate’s businesses are seeking, are not coming through to their Job vacancy ads. To put simply, people cant find staff across a range of industry sectors!

So as a business owner or hiring manager, what are the benefits to you and your business to partner with a highly skilled, experienced recruiter?

Placing repetitive Job Board Ads week after week, month after month with the hope of finding the right person is not good for businesses branding, not to mention an expensive and time-consuming exercise.  If your business is short staffed or you’re extremely busy, how long can your business wait for the right person? Is this really being proactive and will it find you the best possible employee in a competitive market?

Here are some reasons businesses, both large, medium or small, partner with Superior Recruitment to source employees across a range of positions in Cairns, or Gold Coast regions. 


      • We are a locally owned and operated, specialist Recruitment Consultancy, with a highly skilled Recruiter that is dedicated to finding the right employees for you and equally as dedicated to finding job opportunities that align with job seekers interests and career goals.

      • We know where to look and find candidates that are not actively applying for your job or might not know about your company or vacancy yet. We have a database of active and passive candidates to tap into.

      • We understand your role requirements and can offer advice to clients throughout the hiring process and beyond, we become an extension of your hiring team or HR function.

      • We can present a broader range of candidates that are often sourced through multiple methods, resulting in a more targeted, shortlist of resumes with more relevant industry work experience, that go beyond candidates simply found through job ads.

      • We have the time to uncover a candidates skills set, motivators and personality traits that align with your vacancy and organisations culture through our multi layered interviewing techniques and approach.

      • A skilled recruiter’s job isn’t done when an offer is made to a successful candidate. Skilled recruiters manage the process through to offer and acceptance and into the onboarding phase of a new job.

      • A skilled Recruiters forms lasting partnerships with client businesses, which makes subsequent recruitment assignments easier as we know and understand your business, your culture and where to find the right staff for your business.

      • Our placement fees are not also competitively priced, but also include a candidate replacement guarantee.

    That’s the very essence of Superior Recruitment’s value!

    That’s what recruitment fees are for!

    That’s businesses in Queensland partner with Superior Recruitment to fill their job vacancies!

    Experience the Superior Recruitment Difference today! Contact  the Queensland Recruitment Specialists for Gold Coast and Cairns and find out how we can help your business succeed by finding the right staff.