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Workplace Christmas Parties: 4 tips to make it through the silly season!

It’s well and truly Work Christmas party time! Here are Superior Recruitment Cairns 4 top tips to remain professional during this festive season!

1: Talking inappropriately about your work, boss or colleagues

A work Christmas party is not the time to bring up grievances or start difficult conversations with or about colleagues.  

TIP # 1. If a colleague starts bad-mouthing a co-worker, you can make an excuse to exit or better still, be the change you want to see and steer the conversation in another direction.

2: Drinking too much or appearing intoxicated

Christmas parties are social and celebratory events, they are still work functions, and require a level of professionalism.

TIP #2. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water, make sure you eat enough food and making a pre-agreed time to leave the function by arranging transport can help keep things in check.

3: Being overly affectionate with a colleague in front of others

Even though it’s a party, you are in a work environment, boundaries around physical contact still apply.

TIP#3. If you wouldn’t act that work in the office use this to judge your behaviour…

4: Sharing information that wouldn’t otherwise be shared

It’s important to keep a sense of what’s professional.

TIP#4. By being aware of your behaviour and how it impacts others, and letting colleagues know if they’re out of line ensure workplaces can celebrate and enjoy each other’s company – without any red faces or repercussions.

Business networking tips for socialising whilst maintaining professionalism during the festive season