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Professional Job Seeker tips for LinkedIn & Social Media to gain a new job!

I often get asked by candidates how to navigate Linked In and social media to land a new job. LinkedIn is where a lot of the professional job networking and recruitment action happens. So to help out all your lovely job seekers, I’ve compiled some practical tips and example wording so you can be proactive and kickstart your job search via LinkedIn and or social media.

TIP # 1: If you just have an #opentowork green banner on your LinkedIn profile, that’s a start, but it’s not enough!

To really stand out you’ve got to put a little extra.  Recruiter tips when posting or updating your LinkedIn profile:

  • clearly describe your background,
  • prior experiences,
  • what you want to do next,
  • the type of company and industry and the job titles you would consider
  • location is also quite important & is you would consider relocation!

Providing clear information in your profile &and social media posts, it allows people to know more about you and letting potential employers or recruiters and your network exactly what you’re open to, or looking for in a new job! 

TIP#2: If you’re looking to make a career pivot or explore something new, highlight the transferable skills, so it makes sense to prospective employers what you have to offer, even if its outside of your industry experience.

Some example wording below for when you find yourself on the job market and posting about looking for a new role could include:

Example Post text 1

Hello to all of my friends on LinkedIn! Sadly, the position I loved was eliminated after more than ___ years. I feel so grateful for the professional growth and experience, as well as the amazing relationships I’ve built over the years. I appreciate my boss ____, co-workers ____ and the entire ___ team! I will miss you dearly. However, I am excited to explore new opportunities in the ___ industry. I have a lot to offer with over ___ years of experience in this space at the ___ level. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice or opportunities you can offer. #opentowork

Example Post text 2

You will notice that I have added the #opentowork banner to my LinkedIn profile picture, as I was just informed that I’m part of reorganization redundancy. I’m seeking a role in the ____ space and would appreciate any and all assistance. (Remote, hybrid or in-office would be fine). I live in ___city, so an opportunity in this location would be preferable. Thank you!

Example Post text 3

Hi everyone, I am looking for a new opportunity and would really appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice or opportunities you can offer.

This morning, ___ company redundancies were made. I recognize that I’m not alone in this situation, and know that the economy and environment have been tough. Despite the situation, I appreciate all the experiences and wonderful people I’ve met and known at ___. I’ve been amazed and humbled by everyone’s support.

I’d appreciate any leads, ideas, informal interviews, and referrals for opportunities in ___. #layoffs #tech #opentowork

Above all, if you’ve already tried the above strategy on LinkedIn or social media and your networks haven’t been able to assist you find a new job, please contact our friendly, helpful recruiter Christine in our Cairns office. She is just a phone call or email away and is full of great advice and regularly has new jobs coming into Superior Recruitment.