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Specialist Recruitment value add to staff hire in 2024

Recently Superior Recruitment’s Director Christine had the pleasure of attending the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) breakfast at the Mantra on View, Surfers Paradise. It was no surprise that industries continuing to boom and hiring the most are real estate, construction and health. With the ongoing rate rises seen during 2023, going into 2024 whilst there is still a sense of unease amongst business owners and employees, despite the wait and see approach regarding interest rates –businesses are still hiring staff. The shift we will see more throughout the first half of 2024 is an increase in temp and a slight decrease in perm jobs. According to the RCSA’s latest Jobs Report, February 2024, Australia has managed to avoid a recession and keep unemployment to a minimum in a skills short market.

With the current economic landscape in Australia, and the unique challenges Regional Queenslanders have faced with natural disasters towards the end of 2023 and start of 2024, Cairns and Gold Coast regions, businesses more than ever are needing qualified, skilled, experienced workers. Superior Recruitment partner with professional business and job seekers in the Queensland Regional business hubs – Gold Coast, and Cairns! Our recruitment agency specialises in the recruitment of jobs including Management, Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales and Office Support – both on a temporary and permanent staff hire basis.

Here are Superior Recruitment’s 2024 predictions for Employment, Staff Hire and Professional Job Seeking Market

The much more challenging aspect of employee hiring and staffing market is the rising requirement for ‘fit’ from employers, and the genuine hesitancy from candidates who are acutely aware of rising living costs and high interest rates, and uncertainty of layoffs. Our agency has seen a shift in employers acting more cautiously and slowly when hiring both temp and perm, and candidates are also approaching their job searches more tentatively when considering making a move. In other word both employers and potential employees are wanting to tick as many boxes as possible before committing to an offer.

With an increase in temp job demands, Superior Recruitment have prepared a temporary offering in both our office locations Gold Coast and Cairns, with dedicated local consultants and appropriate processes and technology, offering our clients an effective temp hire solution particularly for temp Office Support or Accounting staff requirements.

2023 at a glance: below sourced from RCSA Jobs Report

  • Job demand in the Public Administration sector up by 9.8%.
  • Health, Education and Community jobs increased 4.8%.
  • Technology Professionals demand took a 34.6% decrease.
  • Jobs demand in the Professional Services sector lowered by 29%.
  • Demand and job ads for Clerical and Administrative workers decreased 26.3%.

What are the benefits working exclusively with a specialist recruiter in a tight employment market?

If 17 years of recruitment Australia Wide has taught me anything – its these truths!

Consultative, dedicated and highly experienced Recruitment Consultants understand that uncovering and understanding a candidate’s true motivators for seeking new jobs and moving jobs is crucial. When you work with a highly experienced consultant, they take time to generate authentic candidate relationships and most importantly understand a job seekers motivation to accept an offer and commitment to move – which is one side to the ‘recruitment coin’. This is why the Superior Recruitment team take the time to thoroughly screen, interview and assess candidates, and the reason why we are effective putting forward fewer candidates per job order and have a high placement success rate.

Now the other side to the ‘recruitment coin’ is uncovering the client reasons for hiring and ensuring a detailed job brief that is well-qualified. Qualifying a job order with an employer or client means our recruitment consultants test and calibrate a client’s assumptions, which sorry to say, can at times be outdated or flawed. Reasons for client assumptions can sometimes be due to only running in-house recruitment, or working with inexperienced, mediocre recruitment consultants. As a skilled recruiter, that brings authentic evidence to the discussion and acquainting the client with the market as it is today, Superior Recruitment Consultants manage and agree on a process and set specific time frames and communications parameters with our business clients.

Now, as a recruitment decision maker in your business, or professionally minded, experienced job seeker – which type of recruitment consultant and service do you think are going to be more effective and get better recruitment outcomes for you and your business?

If quality recruitment outcomes are important to you and your business in Gold Coast, you appreciate working with a specialised recruitment agency that delivers a personalised, tailored recruitment service with your best interest at heart – Superior Recruitment is the agency for you! Don’t just take our word for it – look at our 5 Star customer reviews about why people choose to use our services.

We love recruitment and look forward connecting with you or your business throughout 2024 and solving your staff sourcing challenges, or more for your career! Speak to the Gold Coast recruitment experts today!