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Proactive Recruiting vs Reactive Recruiting: Why it Matters & the 3 Pillars of effective recruitment!

What are some missing pieces of the hiring puzzle businesses are missing?

The truth is, it’s simply not enough to hire someone and hope for the best these days! Building a business by hiring the right staff, requires an understanding that employee satisfaction, company morale, and employee wellbeing. Here are my three pillars of recruitment tips that will result in better recruitment and retention!

Proactive Recruiting & Why It Matters? 

Proactive recruiting involves nurturing a relationship with potential candidates, engaging with them, and keeping an open dialogue until a role that fits their skills opens up in your organisation.

As a hiring manager, you’ll need to shift your approach to recruiting, put on your marketing and sales hats, and walk your potential candidates through a strategic recruitment pipeline: HERE ARE MY TOP 3 TIPS

1. Identify Ideal Candidate Qualities

Determine the skills, competencies, and personality traits the ideal candidate would have or a previous employee has had. Create a candidate profile based on information such as:

Years of experience and relevant experience

Current and previous roles types

Education level, relevant certifications or training

Skill and competencies

2.How to Find Candidates

Are there any internally staff that would be interested in a promotion?

Networks: reach out to your personal and business contacts and industry networks

Do you or does your business have a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram account that you could post about an expression of interest job opportunity?

Do you have any unique online communities where employees and industry leaders go to network and connect? Linked in and Facebook have many industry groups

Does your social media or website welcome interested prospects to submit their CV/resume?

How do you Engage With Potential staff hires?

You should be prepared to outline the benefits about your business and also spark some interest about the job or vacancy coming up

3.Candidate Attraction

A great employer brand attracts 50% more qualified applicants and reduces cost-per-hire by 50%. Not to mention companies with strong employer brands hire one to two times faster.

Build out your social media presence by sharing valuable

Ongoing communication with them. Update them on any progress, be transparent and help them prepare for the interview stage.

Ensuring a positive candidate experience can also attract more top talent, as candidates are more likely to recommend your company to their peers or friends, even if they aren’t selected for the role.